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dont have quake2, get it here 08:00am 01 Dec 2001
Posted by: Gladiator.
Date: 08:00am 01 Dec 2001

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if u dont have q2 fullver, u cant play online, well here's a workaround for the demo q2 demo from here
this is gamezone's ftp link.

2. install 3.20 upgrade from here also gamezone.

3. install "final eraser bots" look for it at or use a search engine and find it. eraser bots is a offline bot simulator.

once this is done q2 will function online in servers like combat arena and battlegrounds which are the most popular right now.
connect = most used server. the trick is that final eraser contains textures and q2dm1-8 maps therefore allowing online play.

this is merely an "extension" to the demo. c u on the servers.

need help icq 113923337 or msn messenger

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