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Multiplayer Venue @ Gateway 08:50pm 01 Dec 2001
Posted by: Elric
Date: 08:50pm 01 Dec 2001

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Odyssey internet cafe in Gateway Mall Uhmlanga Ridge has opened its doors to all gamers...we are on the Ster-Kinekor Cinema level in the fantasy forest and we cater for all gamers and internet users of HalF-Life / Counter-strike / Red Faction / Quake III / AvP2 / Diablo 2 etc... more latest games to come soon + hopefully host various clan matches with support.
Come and see us or give us a call,
We await you!!
(031) 566 5120 or

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  Multiplayer Venue @ Gateway   Elric    08:50pm 01/12/01 
  looks pretty kewl guys ull should check it out   Gladiator.    07:15pm 02/12/01