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Initially we are collecting a limited sampling of the data (Karoo Quake III and Karoo Counter-Strike). This is to allow us to easily audit the stats and when we're sure they're as accurate as they should be we'll be adding the rest of the servers and games.

So what's so great about these rankings and stats then?

The main advantage is that all the gameplay stats for all the games are kept in one database. What this means in real world terms is you can check your stats for different games through one interface, combine your stats for similiar games, analyse your personal stats against the stats of another player.

In fact we're pretty sure that as this system matures it'll be one of the most comprehensive and elegant game statistics systems in the world :)

Cool, so how can I help?

Well you can check you stats, see what other kinda of stats you'd like to see. No matter how crazy it may sound post it on the forum and if enough people like it and it's possible, we'll add the facilities for it.

What do you think of the new forum colour scheme?

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