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  Getting Started

Getting Started

If you've arrived at this page we will assume that you're an M-Web subscriber whose bought an internet playable game from your favourite computer store and want to play it online, or you have no game but want to play anyway. If you're not yet an M-Web subscriber you will not be able to use our games servers and related software, so please subscribe here.

If you have a retail copy of one of our featured games you'll need to upgrade your game to the latest version. You can always get the latest version for any popular game from an alphabetical list here. Please make sure that you have DirectX installed on your PC before trying to load the game. Get the latest version of DirectX here.

If you are a newbie, that is, someone who wants to play online, but doesn't have a game, then just download a free net playable demo that's supported by a Gamezone server. You can find the list with the relevant download links here. However, we recommend that after you are finished sampling the demo of your choice that you buy the game.

OK, you've been through hell, got your M-Web dialup, a new TNT2 3DFX card and have even got the game running on your PC. Whether it's a demo or a retail copy, you'll eventually want to try out your skills against human opponents. Here's what you do next. The same way you enter an address in your browser, you enter our game server's address in your game. The address box is usually found under the game's multiplayer menu. Hit enter. Wait for the game to load, then prepare to defend yourself. It's that easy.

For your convenience, we host a 'beginners only' Quake III server on our Titan server. Address: titan.mweb.co.za

Whichever game you choose to install, please first make sure that you have DirectX 8 installed on your computer. Go here to get this file. If you experience difficulty in installing your game it is probably because you are using outdated drivers for your display or sound cards. We recommend that you install the latest available drivers for your hardware, so please check the relevant hardware website for the latest drivers before you .


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