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World Cyber Olympics by Judge_Gosht 05:23pm 06/12/01


As some of you already know, the world's first 'cyber olympics' is now on in Korea. 13 South Africans are taking part, amongst them, Phantom, Baron, Glow, Kaalgat and Shadowlord. XTC clan lost their CS match against Neatherlands but won against Russia. Scores Neatherlands : 13 - XTC : 11. No available scores at going to press from the Russian game.

The WCG site address is

We're holding thumbs for the ZA Quake 3, Counterstike, Starcraft and Age of Empire players, but even if they don't bring home the gold, they'll bring back much needed experience from the global cyber-arena and GZ salutes them!

Judge Gosh't

Cheat technology by Judge_Gosht 05:06pm 06/12/01


The rash of cheatbots being outputted for Counterstrike is somewhat amazing. I get frequent reports from Judges on the measures, and countermeasures being taken by both 'sides'. This is no less than a technological attack on the morale of the gaming culture, a culture that is based on both skill, and honour. In this regard, may we remind you that access to our servers is not a right, it's a priviledge. All M-Web Judges and Troopers are bound by a code of Justice. Thus, any person convicted of the above crime will be, according to M-Web Justice Codebook, Page 1, para 5, line 4 - ..."..taken to a virtual public place and stripped of all his/her CD keys".

Competition is fun, cheating isn't.

Judge Gosh't

Twin Tower Tradegy- Editorial by Judge_Gosht 03:48am 12/09/01
Troopers, I'm shocked. A tremendous loss of life. There's no humanity, consciousness, or religion that can sanction these kind of acts, and no star wars weapon that can prevent humanity's lunatic fringe from perpetrating them because the world we live in now permits a single person to nuke an entire city, or crash a jet into a skyscraper. I saw on CNN that even the Taliban has dissassociated themselves from 'this' act, so I wonder what Bin Laden will do now? You cannot 'blame' the American law enforcement agencies for not being able to prevent this...if the Taliban denounce these madmen from a humanitarian point of view, who knows, maybe all is NOT lost, that is, if Americans don't loose sight of their own high values, which abolished slavery, and established tolerance between different ethnic cultures...the values on which America was built...Meantime all American aircraft carriers and battleships have been ordered out of port...where will it all end? Iraq? Iran? Libya? The battleships are probably on the way there now, so we (as a planet) can only hope that this threat to civilised society is also met by renewed efforts to understand ourselves, and then each other, before it is too late... Our sincere condolences to the American people from M-Web's GZ... Judge Gosh't Gamesmaster M-Web
Tribes rocked tonite.... by Judge_Gosht 11:47pm 02/09/01


Judging by tonight, it looks like Tribes 2 has definitely taken off on M-Web. We've just had an awesome game of nearly 20 players and we aim to improve our map selection and eventually put this game on a faster server. Tashio[NDC] has kindly offered to be responsible for this, so any questions go to him .


Gamesmaster M-Web

More servers, more troopers, more action... by Judge_Gosht 12:49am 14/08/01


We have enabled the UnrealTournament StrikeForce Mod at Mweb Karoo.

Address in UT is port 7777, but read below first:)

If you have an UnrealTournament retail edition and want to join us, make sure your UT is patched up to date, then download this monster sized Strike Force patch (258 MB) from Gamezone's Ftp site here.

We are also running a Tribes 2 server. When you load your Tribes 2 retail edition it will find our server for you and update you as necessary. This Sierra game is awesome and a recommended buy.

Judge Gosh't

Forward from our new UT Judge. Proasm::

Please note; You cannot use your normal User.ini and UnrealTournament.ini files fo connect to a StrikeForce server. You must use the StrikeForce ini files else you get kicked and logged as using an Aimbot for some reason :) If you want a direct connection create a shortcut on your desktop to your UnrealTournament.exe file and add the ini file information.

For example like this:

C:UnrealTournamentSystemUnrealTournament.exe Userini=SFUser.ini ini=StrikeForce.ini


Judge ProAsm

Tribes 2 - Play it now on GZ by Judge_Gosht 09:41pm 18/07/01
Troopers, Apart from a dose of flu which laid me out for nearly two weeks, I can report that Tribes 2 now happily resides on our network. If you load the game Tribes will automatically find the M-Web T2 server, which is incidentally on Thanks to the mob @ WorkGroup for their continued support. Now get that jetpak operational trooper!
New Half-Life / CS Update by neter 05:39pm 12/07/01
This is not actually a CS Update, but rather a Half-Life update. You will need to patch your current version to play on the servers...

If you have the Mod version of Counter-Strike (ie: Half-Life + CS Mod) then you need this file: 11061107.exe 15Mb

If you have Retail version of Counter-Strike, you will need to download this file: cs10011002.exe 18Mb

Don't forget to download those map packs, which will be going live on the servers tomorrow (friday) evening.

New Counter-Strike Maps by neter 04:55pm 10/07/01
There are two counter-strike map packs which will be added to the servers soon. Consider this forewarning so you can download them in the mean time :) 12Mb 19Mb

Unzip them into your half-lifecstrike directory (or counter-strikecstrike for retail CS versions).

The Return of the PunkBuster by neter 07:41pm 09/07/01
Oki we've reinstalled PunkBusters (this time set to low-spam mode :) and have set it for Optional Compliance on all the Counter-Strike servers. Depending on how it goes and the general opinion from everyone we'll make it Required compliance in the next few days.

You'll need the latest PunkBuster files which you can get here.

Check the PunkBuster website for more info.

Sahara CS replaces Atlas by neter 06:55pm 09/07/01
The Counter-Strike server on Atlas has been replaced by a CS server on Sahara. Sahara is on the same sub-net as Atlas, so there should be no difference in speed, in fact it may even be faster as it's not running anything else right now.

Use to access it.


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