New Q3 Maps    

Quake 3 is dead - long live Quake 3!

Are you tired of logging onto local servers, and all that's there, are the same old maps being played, over and over?   I am.  Tired of trying to persuade dim-fraggers that there's life beyond the official Q3 maps.

But they've invested time 'learning the level' and all they want to do is rack up the kills at your expense.  Whereas, if you're like me, you wanna have fun. You want fresh blood, fresh maps. NEW maps, that are set away from the claustrophobic corridors of regular Q3, as well as away from the trash-talking morons who've learned the level and think they're cool.

grinch3[1].jpg (25288 bytes)

So, instead of staring at overseas servers playing the cool, quirky novelty and hardcore frag maps - now you can do it locally.  Browse through what's on offer here, download the ones you want, then lets get together on the noticeboard, or to decide which ones we're going to play. I've been assured of support from M-Web Justice and a server to enjoy some of the following maps on. Watch our news page for up to date server details.

Meantime, over the next few pages are maps that are fun, unique and great gaming. Ranging from deceptively simple matches set around misty iron towers, through to maps where you're 2 inches tall and batlling

Some of the Best Q3 Levels

. Fragtown

New gamers dont know how cool it was in Doom and Quake, to be able to frag in a modern city-setting for the first time, and to have rockets and guns going beserk all around you, as you lurk in your 6th floor sniping spot, waiting for the perfect shot. Back in the old days when there was a lot more emphasis on the gameplay, and not so much on 'knowing exactly where the quad is and how many bounces get you there'.

smallfragtown2.JPG (23110 bytes) nextfragtownsmall.JPG (18298 bytes)
fragtown3.JPG (14214 bytes) Sure, all the cool architecture of Q3 is very nice, but jeez, how many corridors do you wanna run down before boredom sets in? Fragtown was a cult TC (Total Conversion) for Quake, known only to the truly obsessed fans who stumbled across the series of city-maps, and who became rapidly addicted. It was redone for Quake 2 - and now for Quake 3, there's a whole series of urban landscapes to get real gory and violent in. Take a look at the screen shots, and consider the possibilities of the major fragfests that can happen in this sort of enviroment. Streets, buildingtops, lots of delicious kill-zones for your fragging pleasure..